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Bethanie Dietrich

Violin, Viola

Bethanie Dietrich had a very normal start to her viola career. She began playing in third grade and took group lessons that first summer. Slowly, the other students in the group dropped out until she was left taking private lessons.

Bethanie didn’t know right away that she wanted to play the viola the rest of her life. She enjoyed playing, and while school was sometimes challenging due to her dyslexia, music gave her something she could do well.

Maybe it was her competitive nature, but she stuck with it even when orchestra was boring in high school (she even tried playing with her music upside down when she was sitting first chair and was surprised the teacher never noticed). She made All-State orchestra each year of high school and received a four-year scholarship to BYU-Idaho. After graduating with her music degree, she joined the Idaho Falls symphony and is currently playing with the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra.

Bethanie believes that music is a great outlet physically, mentally and emotionally. Music helps to create stronger and more confident individuals. It can be fun and challenging. Rather than starting off with hours of practice, she encourages shorter, smarter practice sessions. As one advances in skill, the practicing time will lengthen without feeling long. Bethanie loves teaching music and hopes to help her students find that same love while helping them develop a sense of accomplishment and find their unique personalities.
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