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Bill Mehlhorn


Bill studied percussion under John McDonnell of the Berklee College of Music and has been a drummer for 28 years. His love of the instrument grew from listening to Led Zeppelin and The Who, later finding himself being absorbed in the music of Rush, Yes, and Genesis.

Bill played in various rock bands throughout high school, and while in college, he was the drummer for the heavy metal band Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party. The band was known for blending multiple styles all in the same song, with a very punk/metal lean. The everchanging demands of the primary song writers was in tune with Bill's love of odd time signatures and non-traditional arrangements. With that band, Bill has performed hundreds of shows all over the Midwest and East coast.

Currently, Bill is the drummer for the cover band, Sligo Pony, performing alongside Noteworthy's very own Jonny Kigin. Sligo Pony, with its variety of music genres, provides Bill with the opportunity to perform multiple musical styles and continue his passion for the drums.

When not drumming, Bill works at Hovis Auto &Truck Supply, Inc. He lives in Wexford with his wife and three sons.
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