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Our most frequently asked question is "Where are you located?"

A. We have two locations. The first is about four minutes north of 910 and Rt 8, just north of Middlesex Crossing.

1191 Pittsburgh Road
Valencia, PA 16059

The second is immediately off i79 at the Wexford exit in Franklin Park.

2611 Nicholson Rd Bldg 2
Franklin Park, PA 15143

Click here for directions.
Here are other questions you may have:


Q. Do you deliver to schools?
A. Yes. And we are in most schools in the North Pittsburgh region at least once a week, so if you need anything for your instrument or your student, we can often work through the schools to get it to you.

Q. Can I rent to own?
A. Yes. In fact, all of our contracts for orchestra and band instruments include our exclusive purchase privilege. Find out more here.

Q. My student doesn't want to play anymore? What do I do now?
A. The short answer is, return the instrument to Noteworthy Music, and we will terminate the contract. You can bring it to either location for an immediate return, or we can arrange to pick it up at the school during our next visit. Should you choose to leave it at the school it is important that you CONTACT US as soon as it is ready for pick up. We will terminate the contract once the instrument is back in the store.

Q. Why do you have limited (and strange) hours?
A. It has been our experience that, while it's at times convenient for a parent to pop in during school hours, most transactions in the store and the studio happen after normal school hours. And we find that we are kept fairly busy in the schools throughout the day. If you ever need us to be at the store before or after hours, please contact us to see if we can be available to do so.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?
A. Not necessarily. But having an appointment will make for a more pleasant and efficient process. It is advisable to have an appointment for any new contracts, exchanges,  or repairs. You can set an appointment here.


Q. How do I pay my instructor?
A. We automatically take a payment from a payment method on file on the 5th of every month. You are welcome to pay for the monthly lessons prior to the 5th using cash, check, or credit card.

Q. How many lessons do I need to pay for at one time?
A. The lessons for the month must be paid at the beginning of each month.

Q. What if I can't make it to a lesson? Do I still have to pay for it?
A. Our policy is that, unless there is a 24 hour notice provided to the instructor, the scheduled lesson will be paid for. When missing a lesson, most of our instructors will try to work something out to make up the lesson, as long as schedules permit. That said, please contact the instructor (and the store for good measure if you would like) if you will be absent for a scheduled lesson.

Q. How much are the lessons?
A. The fee per lesson varies based on the instructor, and sometimes based on the instrument they are teaching. Our instructors currently charge anywhere from $25 to $40 per half hour lesson.

Q. What learning methods do you use?
A. This varies by instructor. Each one uses the method(s) that makes the most sense to them and fits best with the students' abilities and progress. Most are fluent in multiple methods, and they are able to adjust to the students' specific needs or previous instruction.

Q. Will I need to sign a contract?
A. Yes, and you can print/view that contract here and bring it with you to your first lesson.

Q. Do you have standard rates for repair?
A. Yes. Our standard rates for various types of repairs are found under our Repairs dropdown menu. However, every case is different, and may require additional labor and/or parts. If you have any questions, contact us.

Q. Do you have a minimum shop charge?
A. Yes. Our minimum shop charge for non-insured items is $25.
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Valencia Location

1191 Pittsburgh Road
Valencia, PA 16059

Wexford Location

2611 Nicholson Road Bldg 2
Franklin Park, PA 15143