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In 2023 Paul Macedonia and Jonny Kigin attended the NAMM Conference in Anaheim, CA. Perhaps it was because Paul had been planting seeds about it for quite awhile, perhaps it was because they spent so much time together at the conference, or perhaps it was just the close proximity to the big dreamers at Disney, but they came away from that conference with a plan: to start a program wherein the guitar students of Noteworthy Music could have a chance to play in a band. By the end of the year, Noteworthy Music was celebrating the third season of Paul's brainchild, with over 40 students having participated in the program, including two great performances and a summer songwriting workshop! 

Rock School operates in three 12 week sessions through the year, and can accommodate most levels of students. For questions, please scroll down for contact information, registration forms, and FAQ's.

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