All prices listed are for reference, and apply to student instruments. 
Professional instrument repairs/refurbishments will be quoted after inspection. 
Prices are subject to change or adjust based on the instrument and condition.

Please contact us directly with any questions.

General Servicing Instrument Price
 • Instrument disassembled
 Trumpet $75.00
 • Instrument cleaned  Trombone $130.00
 • Valves cleaned/lubricated  Trombone (F-key) $150.00
 • Valves adjusted  Baritone $120.00 
 • Corks replaced as needed  French Horn (single) $125.00
 • Springs replaced as needed  French Horn (double) $175.00 
 • Slides cleaned and aligned  Tuba/Sousaphone $265.00 
 Does not include silver work         add silver polish $30.00
 Fr Horn valve work by estimate    
 Major dent repairs by estimate    



Misc Brass Repairs   Repair description Price
 • Minimum Shop Charge: $15.00
 Soft solder joint $35.00
 • Slide/Valve work time-based  Soft solder additional joints $15 ea
   Piston valve work $45 ea

 General slide work $35+
 Prices are for reference only  Trombone slide work $125.00+
 Estimates after inspection Trumpet mouthpipe replace $135.00 
   Soft solder sax body parts  $35.00+
 Restring French Horn $35.00+