Oh, there are many reasons--please see the TOP TEN listed below. 
Or better yet, come visit us. The reasons will become clear! 

1. SCHOOL DELIVERY, OR NOT!  While we deliver to the schools and service the schools in our area regularly, we always prefer to see the students in the store! But we have kids too and recognize that it's not always possible to make it in. So you have a choice!

2. FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON  Whether or not you have your instrument delivered to the school, we offer an exclusive introductory lesson with the rental of a band or orchestra instrument.  It is our experience that this introductory lesson (8-10 minutes) enhances both the student's excitement to play and the success of the overall experience. During this lesson we introduce the student to the instrument (to their own instrument), teach them how to care for it, and allow them to hold and even play the instrument, all prior to their receiving it at the school. 

3. PRICE  We have the lowest overhead in the area. Because of this we are able to offer the best instruments at the lowest prices. Our rates speak for themselves. We ask you to compare.

4. PURCHASE PRIVILEGE  We offer the most aggressive purchase privilege out there. We have no limits on credit accrual, and do not require the purchase of a new instrument at any time. This privilege is part of accomplishing our mission.

5. ONE STOP SHOP We carry all the accessories and books that each teacher requires their students to have. These can be ordered directly on the application and delivered to the school or picked up with your instrument.

6. SMALL, FAMILY-OWNED, NIMBLE, AND AVAILABLE  Because we are still small, we still have that family-owned feel. Our size also lets us be responsive and available when you need us.

7. ESTABLISHED  We have been around since the 1980's. We know what we're doing!

8. TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER  We proudly opened our second location in Wexford in the Spring of 2021. We are thrilled by the ability that this gives us to improve your access to repairs, lessons, and accessories. We are here for you!

9. NATHAN BODNAR  Or really any of our team. It's really all about the personal service you receive, and we are confident that you won't receive better any where else. And you won't find Nathan anywhere else either! We view all our customers as our family, and hope you will feel that.

10. DO THE RIGHT THING, EVERY DAY  Whether this means price, customer service, sense of urgency, quality, or just opening our arms to welcome you into our family, we are driven primarily by our ethics and our responsibility to you, our customer. After all is said and done, we have to go home and face our wives, our children, and our God every day. We prefer to do that with a clean conscience and a feeling of having tried our best to do the right thing all day long, every day.

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