Perhaps the least talented person at Noteworthy Music, Jonny Kigin may also be the most passionate about the business of music.

He developed an appreciation for it at an early age, having been surrounded by music his entire life, and studying piano and clarinet growing up. He literally found his voice when introduced to musical theatre, and even pursued it as a course of study for his first year of college. This passion for music and performance, combined with extensive business operations and retail experience, has made his arrival at Noteworthy Music... well... noteworthy.



He began performing at the age of six, and has sung/played the roles of Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan, Toby Tyler, Irving Berlin, Curly McLain, Old Deuteronomy, PT Barnum, Judas Iscariot, Romeo Montague, Emile de Becque, and Saint Nicholas to name a few... He is currently the lead singer for the jam band, Sligo Pony, for which he also plays the accordion, melodica, and keyboards. He works regularly on  projects with the Random Misfits. He is also a Santa Claus portrayal artist, and his work can be found on PGH Santa.

He has worked in operations for WalMart, Giant Eagle, and for himself. He holds a degree in French from Brigham Young University.

Jonny is most importantly a husband to his beautiful wife, and a father to six wonderful children, three of whom rent instruments from, and four of whom take lessons at, Noteworthy Music!