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6 Reasons to Rent a Musical Instrument Instead of Buying It

1. Renting is More Economical

When compared to purchasing, renting a musical instrument is an economical choice. Especially if you are renting it for your child. First of all, even though your child may not be like this, most children don't know what they want to do until they have tried it. Secondly, certain musical instruments need to be “sized-up” within a few months. If purchasing, you will have to invest more money with each size change. And if your child decides not to play or to play a different instrument, you will rarely recuperate your initial expense.

2. Convenience

There’s no doubt that renting a musical instrument is simple and quick. In most cases, you only have to get a recommendation from your music teacher or local shop and fill out a form. Even though we love seeing the students come into the store, Noteworthy Music has an online rental application, and will deliver to most schools in the area.

3. Easy Maintenance and Repair

Renting a musical instrument also eases maintenance and repair concerns. Orchestra and band instruments require occasional maintenance and repair, therefore having a rental contract that includes maintenance, as well as a Noteworthy staff available to fix issues and answer questions, is hugely beneficial. While renting and carrying a maintenance plan, you can have piece of mind as it relates to the preservation of your child's instrument.

4. Equity to Purchase

With every payment you make on a Noteworthy Music instrument rental, you contribute toward the purchase of the instrument. What's more, Noteworthy Music does have a term limit or a cap on the credit you can earn.

5. Special Discounts

Some vendors offer special purchase options and discounts that are exclusive to rental customers. At Noteworthy Music, a rental customer will be offered a payoff at 20% off list price if they wish to purchase the rental instrument down the road.

6. Easy Exit Strategy

Should your child change their mind about learning to play the instrument, all that is required is to return it, and then allow your child to follow another passion. If that passion happens to be another orchestral or band instrument, your contract (and your purchase credit) rolls over to the new instrument.

It is recommended to let your child actually see and test out their musical instrument here at Noteworthy Music. When you complete the online application, simply select the option to pick up in store, and we will schedule a 15 minute mini-lesson, to teach them how to care for the instrument, and to help get them excited about their new musical journey. Even if you choose to have us deliver the instrument, we recommend coming in for the quick lesson.

We also carry hundreds of instruments and accessories for sale in our store, where you will find some of the friendliest and knowledgeable people around to assist you with any questions related to playing music. We offer private lessons as well. If you have an instrument that needs repair, we do that too. For instrument rentals, sales, repair, lessons, or anything else give us a call or send us a message at (724) 443-0040, or stop by today!

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